images Paint time for KIDS every week

Paint time for KIDS every week

Please write me a email or message to say me the fiy date or buy at EventsWorkspace for kids starts at 3 pm until 7pm.
With a ticket you can stay in the atelier for two hours and get a Canva
If the child wants to paint more he can use coloring pencils and paper or a new canva für 8 CHF
This is not a private painting lesson or a guided session.

Pedagogically, children can paint the way they want. It is not a place of judgement or less a competition, children paint without being afraid of white paper or canvas.
During the process from start to finish the child can decide which colors he wants.
Children themselves begin to realize in time that they want to draw something with more structure. But first they need to have the freedom to express themselves on their white canvas. 

We are not there, neither parents nor artists, to tell children what is ugly or beautiful. Let them paint and respect their work. Before you paint on your children's pictures or other paintings, you should first ask.

Workspace Kids Package
- Canva (20x30)
- Pincel (borrowed)*   *Brushes stay in the atelier after use
- Colors 
- Clothing protection
- Printed Picture