• "Naty is absolutely amazing artist and teacher! I have been on many art classes but Naty is by far the best and most attentive and passionate teacher. Her studio has a great, bright, positive vibe, is very tidy and clean yet creative and freeing. I enjoyed her classes so much that I invested in personal 1-1 classes with her and I am very happy with the progress and support she provides me. She is super versatile, knows very well many many techniques and is flexible in using them where it suits the best. Let me be an artist!!!"

    Aleksandra Kovacevic

  • "We are very happy that Natalia has been available to us as an artist and event manager for the last few years. She has a lot of creativity, talent and a friendly and open personality. With her easy-going and direct communication, she always manages to inspire other people to paint. We can only recommend working with Natalia and hope she will stay in our team for a long time!  --- Martin, Manager @PaintEvents.ch / March 2022"

    Martin Pfeiffer

  • "Pues si me permites comentar, en lo poco que he visto de tu arte, hay movilidad. Las Aves, olas, humanos en interacción emocional, etc. Es a mi parecer un arte dinámico. Sin mencionar, la combinación de técnicas y materiales. Después de todo, lo más importante es que invita a disfrutar de quietud. Client"

    Leo Puche - Pall coorporation - Bad Kreuznach, Alemaña.

  • "A wonderful place to have fun while painting. I 100% recommend it. 
    Student @burupereira / March 2023 (google review)"

    Bruna Pereira

  • "Natalia’s paintings are a harmony combination of colors, shapes and textures. Her artwork beholds beauty in its own kind, the kind that Natalia sees and wants the viewers to perceive. It has truly a beautiful soul behind it. Artist @oo.bonetti"

    Olivia Bonetti

  • "Such a lovely experience! Natalia is a great teacher and it’s always a fun atmosphere.
    Student @jess_bearsell / Mai 2023 (google review ) "

    Jessica Beardsell